Physiotherapy FAQ's

To help you out, we’ve shared some of our most common asked physiotherapy questions and answers!

General Information

No, there is no need to see your GP before you come, just give us a call. However, we do recommend you contact your health insurance provider first, as they require a medical referral to authorise reimbursement of treatment.

No, we welcome David Lloyd members and non-members at all our clinic locations. Our treatment rooms are usually near the front of the building and easily accessible to all patients.

We are normally able to offer you an appointment within 24 hours. There are no waiting lists. We can offer you a choice of clinic locations nearest to you.

You physiotherapist will conduct a physical examination to make an accurate diagnosis. They may carry out some treatment such as soft tissue massage or joint mobilisation on your first visit to see how you respond.  You may also be given advice and exercises to do at home.

When attending your appointment please wear comfortable, loose clothing that doesn’t restrict movement and allows access to any specific injury or pain. Clothing shouldn’t restrict your ability to move your shoulders, knees, hips, and spine so that your clinician can understand your full range of motion

The initial assessment (IA) is normally 60 minutes, with follow up (FA) sessions lasting 30 minutes. All new customers require an initial assessment.

There is no pre-determined number of treatments for specific conditions, but following your initial assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss and agree on a treatment plan with you. They should be able to give you an approximate guide at this point.

Both clinicians have similar skill sets and are required to be educated to a degree level. Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists can design treatment and exercise plan specific to an individual’s needs, reduce pain levels, conduct comprehensive injury assessments, make diagnoses, and provide soft tissue treatments. Both Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists can provide exercise, massage, and manual therapy.
To find out more about Sports Therapists & Physiotherapists read our latest blog

Yes, physiotherapy services are worth it. In many instances, physiotherapy can also be used to enhance the benefits of medications and improve recovery times after surgery. Therefore, even if physiotherapy does not eliminate your pain or condition, it can help support improved quality of life.

Health Insurance

Yes, but It’s advisable to check with your insurance company before starting treatment with us as you will need an authorisation number from your insurance provider. We will send the invoice to your insurance company directly. Dependent upon the insurance company and your policy, you may be liable to pay an excess or a proportion of the treatment fee.


To book an appointment at any of our clinics, you can either:

Book online, call our central booking line, open 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday 0330 024 1377 or email:

Our customer support team will help find a clinic and time suitable for you.

If you need to change your appointment please call the central booking line on 0330 024 1377.  Please make sure cancellations are made with a minimum of 24hrs notice before your appointment. Customers who change appointments or cancel within 24 hours of their appointment will be charged a £20 fee.

Customers who do not attend will be charged full self-paying consultation rate for their appointment. Please note: customers using insurance or private medical cover are unlikely to recover these charges.

Physiotherapy Costs

Face to Face Physiotherapy (60 minutes)  £75

Face to Face Physiotherapy (30 minutes) start from £45*

Virtual Physiotherapy (60 mins) £70

Virtual Physiotherapy (30 mins) £40

Sports Massage (60 mins) £60

Sports Massage (30 mins) £35

*Prices can vary depending on clinic location.

We offer a 10% discount for all students (anyone in full-time education/Uni), Emergency services (Fire, Police and Ambulance), NHS employees and David Lloyd employees.

We offer a block booking package for 4 x physiotherapy sessions and 4 x sports massage. Please see our offers page for further details.

Occupational Health

Occupational health physiotherapy is physiotherapy provided in the workplace, to help and improve the health and wellbeing of the workers, so they can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

We have created flexible, modular and affordable services to suit your business and budget.

Prevention includes – education and training, workplace & workforce assessments, health and safety compliance assessments such as desk-based assessments and PPE.

Instant Access includes – full physiotherapy assessment, triage and self-management treatment plan via virtual clinics.  

Physiotherapy treatment includes – assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) at your place of work or virtually.

For more information please see or corporate wellbeing pages.

If you would like to book a no-obligation meeting with a member of our corporate wellbeing team. Please get in touch with Martin Grieve on 07545 429168 or email


Registering with Response Physios online booking portal is a simple process. There are two ways that you can register initially. The first option is by clicking the ‘Login/Register’ button on the top right of the online bookings page. The other is choosing your appointment first and then if you have not registered before you will be asked to register throughout the booking stage.

Option 1 Registration:
Click the ‘Login/Register’ button in the top right of the online booking page. If you have already registered you will be prompted to insert your email address and password combination here. Enter the email address you wish to register with and click ‘Next’

If you have registered before you will be taken to the booking screen. If not the window below will appear. The fields highlighted in orange are compulsory fields and must be filled in. You can also fill in your address details here, however, they are not compulsory. Once you have entered the relevant details click the ‘Register’ button. Once you click ‘Register’ you will receive a ‘Registration Complete Email.’ Once you receive this email you have successfully registered.

Option 2 for Registration:
This option is similar to the above but you select your appointment first. The first step is below, choosing what service you require.

Then you need to select the preferred time period for the appointment. This can be Morning (up to 12pm), Afternoon (12-6 pm) or Evening (6 pm onwards). You then choose a specific time.

After the above step, you will be asked to enter an email address. If you have not registered before enter the email address you wish to register with. Note that the system will tell you the type, location, date and time of the appointment. Once you enter the correct email address click Next.

If you have registered before you will be taken to the booking screen. If not the window below will appear. The fields highlighted in orange are compulsory fields and must be filled in. You can also fill in your address details here, however, they are not compulsory. Once you have entered the relevant details click the ‘Register’ button. Once you click ‘Register’ you will receive a Registration Complete Email.


You are able to cancel your appointment from the online booking portal.

Login to or register a new account using the ‘Login/Register’ button. Once registered or logged in click on the ‘My Bookings’ tab.

This will show you a list of your booked, cancelled and previous appointments. Click the ‘Cancel Appointment’ button on the appointment you wish to cancel.

You will be asked to confirm your cancellation. Click on ‘Yes.’

The appointment will now show as cancelled on the My Bookings page.

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