Talking Rotator Cuff Injuries

Response Physio | 25.02.22

Listen to the latest podcast episode of "Talking Rotator Cuff Injuries"!
with Josh Needham and Matt Taylor

A rotator cuff injury is an injury affecting the muscles and tendons in your shoulder. This is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain, especially in older and more active people.

In this episode, Josh Needham, physiotherapist, and Matt Taylor, clinical director, discuss rotator cuff injuries.

• What is the rotator cuff and what does it do?
• When we injure our rotator cuff, what happens?
• Is there anything that can help when they are injured?

This podcast is great for anyone experiencing shoulder issues or who just wants to learn more about rotator cuff injuries.

You can also watch our video ‘Why does my shoulder hurt?’ here

Listen to the podcast here

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