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MSK services for primary care networks, clinical commissioning groups and GP surgeries looking for MSK physio support to deliver patient care within the NHS

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As an Any Qualified Provider (AQP) we can provide fast access to musculoskeletal physiotherapy care and expertise within the NHS.

Our services meet the demands the MSK patients which can help reduce waiting times and GP’s workloads. We offer MSK rehabilitation to patients under the AQP and self-referral approaches, First Contact Practitioner (FCP) services and education and training for a range of clinical practitioners.

All services are delivered by experienced Response physiotherapists who ensure that services provide high standards of care whilst delivering good value for money.

Network of Clinics

Fast access to MSK expertise






We are at the forefront of the new NHS provision of First Contact Practitioners providing well-trained clinicians to several PCN’s across the country. Our service provision enables effective triage and onward referral to local pathways for MSK related conditions.

We take time to understand the PCN and GP Surgery local conditions and tailor our approach to your ways of working to ensure seamless integration into your local area. We can deliver services across the whole PCN GP network or using a PCN GP hub approach within several selected surgeries.

Alongside the FCP delivery, we also provide training for GP’s CPD and the practice support team to ensure they can identify suitable MSK presentation for FCP appointments. Ultimately our approach seeks to provide enhanced patient care and save GP time within the ARR budget provision.

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We can offer you bespoke training to meet the demands of patients presenting musculoskeletal disorders in primary care. We deliver MSK expertise to GP’s and consultant medical professionals through virtual sessions and classroom-based environments.

Our approach is practical by nature and can be tailored to your requirements and the audience pre-existing medical knowledge. ‘In a nutshell’ sessions can be as short as 20-mins through to full days.

We can also review the roles people undertake and provide training to those staff to improve their wellbeing and the health of the people they look after.

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Injury and MSK Rehabilitation

We can provide MSK rehabilitation to patients from both AQP GP and self-referral routes.  Our centralised bookings team can accept and process referrals ensuring fast appointment turnaround. We routinely treat a wide variety of MSK conditions from acute to chronic conditions including post-operative and post-accident rehabilitation.

Treating patients both face-to-face and virtually, we guide patients through the rehabilitation process ranging from first steps after surgery to ‘return to work’ exercise programmes.

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Response Physio & Sports Therapy currently provides NHS musculoskeletal services to a significant number of Primary Care Networks (PCN), Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) and FCP resource to GP practices across the country.

We are fortunate to work alongside businesses and organizations of all sizes, within the public and private sector offering key Occupational Health services such education and training, on-site physio treatment, virtual physiotherapy, DSE risk assessments and ergonomic workstation assessments.

If you are interested in finding out more about our NHS MSK Physiotherapy services, please get in touch with Martin Grieve on 07545 429168 or email mgrieve@responsephysio.com.