Flexible, cost-effective physio solutions for primary care settings across the UK

First Contact MSK Practitioner Services

First Contact Practitioners help to alleviate the biggest challenges GP practices are currently facing, with the lack of primary care staff and the inability to handle the pressure of patient appointments. Without additional support from FCPs, the overloaded NHS backlog following the pandemic, an ageing population and an overall increase in long-term health issues, demand is only going to increase for Primary Care Networks.

Supporting the long term plan

Response’s FCP o­ffering can provide you with a flexible, cost e­ffective method of delivering patient care.   We have 20 years of experience delivering MSK physiotherapy across the UK to individuals, businesses, and the NHS.

Our physiotherapists have proven themselves as important members of expanding general practice teams responsible for delivering optimal services, and we are proud to be able to support the NHS by meeting the challenges.

We have embraced digital options to support demand and to improve choice and access for patients.

Enhanced Access, 52 weeks a year, service also available

Why choose Response for your FCP services?
  • Extensive experience in providing Physio FCPs to PCNs

  • Flexible service and management fee options

  • Comprehensive training and CPD in line with HEE

  • Nationwide team of experienced clinicians

  • In-house physio recruitment and induction

  • Fully compliant with CQC requirements

Let us help you to help others
Flexible FCP Services

Our First Contact Practitioners are becoming important members of expanding general practice teams responsible for delivering optimal services, and we are proud to be able to support the NHS by meeting the challenges of the stretched health sector.

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Supporting the NHS to ensure the patient sees the right person in the right place, first time.

In the UK, MSK problems account for 30% of all GP appointments. By having Physio FCPs within GP practices, a more efficient and effective MSK pathway is created, with better outcomes for patients and more benefits for GP practices.

We can deliver an end-to-end, fully managed FCP service, embedded inside primary care settings to improve patient care while protecting GP resources. Our nationwide FCP services have been tried and tested, adapted and refined to comply with HEE and NHS England guidelines.

More than 1 in 4 GP appointments can be managed by a Response FCP clinician

Response FCP service performance

utilisation of FCP’s appointments


of MSK cases are managed without GP intervention


patient satisfaction score

Customer review
We have found Response Physio & Sports Therapy to be a very approachable and easy organisation to work with, delivering first contact physio (FCP) service to our 125,000 patients. The staff and most importantly patients have offered very positive feedback.
Dr Matthew Jelpke
Clinical Director, Rushcliffe PCN

Meet the FCP senior team

Our senior FCP team work together with our network of talented physiotherapists across the country to ensure that we deliver the most effective solution for all of our clients.

Richard Kendall
NHS Service Director

Supported by a team of excellent clinicians and account managers, I am responsible for the set-up, provision and development of our NHS services, overseeing both First contact practitioner (FCP) and Any Qualified Practitioner (AQP) services.

Holly Clarke
FCP Lead Clinician

Prior to working at Response, I worked in an acute NHS hospital for around 14 years. My previous experience was in secondary care as an advanced practitioner. I gained a solid foundation for my FCP role, enabling me to take on more leadership and supervision responsibilities.

Tom Lissen
FCP Lead Clinician

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2014 and I’ve been working as a physiotherapist for 8 years. Working in both private hospitals and clinics. Since November 2021 I have been working as an FCP in the Medway area of Kent and currently work as the clinical lead for the South-East.

Are you looking for an exciting and rewarding First Contact Practitioner role?

We have various FCP opportunities in clinics in Nottingham, Medway, Grays and Hastings. Find out more on our careers page!

Any Qualified Provision (AQP)

As well as our work in private practice, occupational health and first contact practitioner services, Response Physio & Sports Therapy is a recognised AQP provider. Having undergone the required service and quality assessments needed to gain this accreditation we utilise our growing workforce to offload MSK outpatient physiotherapy caseloads from local NHS services, helping to reduce waiting times for patients.

We have successfully provided AQP services for several years with positive outcomes for patients and the NHS. With multiple clinics across the country with access to premium rehabilitation and exercise facilities and our treatment room, we are well placed to assist the NHS in the care of a wide range of patients, from general MSK conditions to post-operative or orthopaedic conditions.

With our dedicated support team, working with our expert clinicians, we can offer a rounded service to provide the care and treatment patients require. In addition, we are in a position to provide the administrative and communication needs of the local NHS department our service supports.

As we want to develop and grow our relationship with the NHS even further, we have recently invested more resources into the NHS Services channel of our company. We are well placed to add additional AQP contracts to those we already provide.

If you would like to find out what we could do for your organisation please do not hesitate to get in touch.