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Previously known as Balmoral Physio, our Gosforth physiotherapy and sports injury clinic in Newcastle offers professional treatment of physical conditions and injuries affecting the muscles, joints and soft tissues. We use hands-on physio treatment techniques combined with methods including exercise, sports massage, kinesiology-taping, electrotherapy, acupuncture and advice to help you improve your quality of life and prevent further injury.

Our team of Chartered physiotherapists can assess, diagnose and treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions within our Gosforth practice, or from any of our other nationwide physio clinics. Whether you are an experienced athlete with a sporting injury, a hard-working individual with job-related musculoskeletal pain, or an elderly individual keen to stay fit and pain-free, our Newcastle physio team are the team to help you achieve your fitness goals.

All of our physios are highly experienced in their field and will carry out in-depth evaluations of your condition prior to any treatment, so we can provide you with the most effective rehabilitation plan. To make sure that our care is best suited to you, we take into account factors including your injury or illness type, mobility, fitness, lifestyle choices, age and the possible causes of your issue.

This physiotherapy clinic location is ideal for customers living or working in Gosforth or for those looking for a physio in Jesmond, Longbenton, Kenton, Kingston Park, Great Park or Newcastle. If you are suffering from a new or ongoing condition causing back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain or neck pain, contact us today or book an appointment online to visit us at our Gosforth, Newcastle physio clinic.

Response Physio & Sports Therapy

Response Physio Gosforth (previously Balmoral Physio) is located in South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. Our purpose-built clinic has a warm and friendly environment with 3 treatment rooms, disabled toilet facilities and wheelchair access.

The clinic has become an integral part of the local community, providing our customers with a range of expert services including manual physio, physio exercise, sports massage, acupuncture, sports injury, occupational health and pilates.

If you are searching for ‘physiotherapy near me’ in Newcastle, Gosforth or Jesmond, then you have come to the right place! Looking for a better-suited location? See our full list of clinic locations.

Useful to know:

  • Every patient is different, so no two treatment plans are the same. We offer a high level of treatment for all of our patients, using the latest technology.
  • You do not need a GP referral to book sports or musculoskeletal physiotherapy appointments with us – we provide a self-pay and self-refer option to private customers.
  • We are recognised by all major private health insurers, including AXA, BUPA, AVIVA and Nuffield, so you can use your private health insurance*.

*Please see the terms and conditions of your health insurance plan before you book an appointment just to make sure you are covered.









Find yourself suffering from mild to chronic muscle, joint or soft tissue pain? We know how mentally and physically exhausting it can be to live with a painful condition, especially when it affects your desired lifestyle. We are here to teach you that you don’t need to live with it, nor do you have to wait on long NHS waiting lists to access treatment.

Our physio specialists will help get you back on track with a tailored treatment programme that has been designed to heal and strengthen your body safely and quickly. If you are experiencing any kind of musculoskeletal disorder, medical condition or injury that is causing you pain, and would like to get it treated as soon as possible, book an appointment in Newcastle today.

The range of conditions we treat with physiotherapy include…


We are proud to continuously provide a high quality of care from all of our clinics. Our friendly physios aim to go the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable and supported during the entirety of your recovery process. We offer self-pay and self-referral appointments, often available within 48 hours. We are also recognised by all leading health insurers, so you may be able to use your private health insurance towards the cost of treatment. Visit our specialist physiotherapy Newcastle clinic today or see our other nationwide clinic locations.

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60 mins
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Block booking prices are available for both physio and sports massage. Please see physiotherapy special offers for more detail.

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Physiotherapy FAQs

Physiotherapy helps to restore function, and movement and reduce pain when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. It can also help to reduce your risk of injury or illness in the future by increasing the strength and function of the area affected.

Physiotherapists are specially trained practitioners and they have a wide breadth of knowledge on the body, its anatomy and what can go wrong. Both a doctor and a Physiotherapist can diagnose physical injuries that affect the joints, bones and muscles. However, Physiotherapists are NOT doctors. Doctors address the medical aspect of the issue and prescribe medication and advice to aid patients in their recovery. Whereas, Physios specialise in movement analysis and are trained to deal with problems with muscles, joints and bones.

Please wear comfortable clothing that is loose and doesn’t restrict movement, this will allow access to your specific injury or problem.

Usually, an initial assessment is 60 minutes, this allows time to talk through the history of the injury and time to assess and diagnose alongside treatment. Follow-ups are 30 minutes as less time is required to talk through the problem.

Yes, Physiotherapy can help with arthritis. Your Physiotherapist will assess your joint thoroughly and provide a tailored exercise program to help reduce your symptoms. Exercise can help to manage some of the symptoms of arthritis. Physios can provide advice and education on exercise, pain relief and ways to manage your condition. They can teach you how to improve your joint movement and your walking, as well as how to strengthen your muscles.

Yes, physiotherapy can help sciatica. Physiotherapy can help to assess and diagnose why you are suffering from sciatica-like symptoms. This will either be irritation, inflammation, pinching or compression of a nerve in the lower back. Physiotherapy treatment can include, acupuncture, soft tissue and joint mobilisations and exercise therapy.

Yes, Physiotherapists can help with neck pain,

Physiotherapists are skilled at supporting people with neck pain and helping to reduce these symptoms. They will assess the cause of your neck pain and tailor treatment accordingly. Treatment of neck pain may include, hands-on treatment such as soft tissue massage or joint mobilisations, advice on posture and exercise therapy. They will also provide you with tips on how to prevent further problems.

To self-refer, you can directly ring up the clinic to book an appointment or you can book online, we are likely to be able to see you that week.

You may also be able to self-refer through a medical insurer, to understand further ring them to ask.

An initial 60-minute session costs £75 with Response Physiotherapy.

A follow-up 30-minute session costs £45 with Response Physiotherapy.

Both NHS and private physiotherapy offer very similar treatment modalities and benefits. However, the NHS waiting lists for physiotherapy at the moment are extremely long, when booking private physiotherapy we are likely to be able to book you in the week of your request. Private physio is easily accessible and therefore your injury or pain will be treated promptly.

Sports Massage FAQs

After a sports massage, your muscles will need some time to recover, light exercises such as walking gentle stretching and jogging are fine but you should avoid any heavy workouts for 24 hours after.

Generally, it is safe to get a sports massage when pregnant, however, you should consult your doctor before the massage if you are unwell in any way or if your pregnancy is high risk.

Any massage in the first trimester should avoid the abdomen and your therapist will know the best position for you to be comfortable and keep your baby safe.


Sports massage is a form of massage in which pressure is applied through the muscular tissue, this can be tender especially if your muscles are particularly tight and tense. The more relaxed you are during the massage, the less discomfort you will feel. You may also find that your muscles are achy the next day this is normal as your muscles are being manipulated in ways that they’re not used to, this should only last 24 hours. During any treatment, always be sure to speak up if a certain technique doesn’t feel right for you.

Multiple studies have been conducted to determine the effects of sports massage on performance, but there is no clear evidence that sports massage improves performance directly. However, multiple studies show that sports massage can improve flexibility and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.

Sports Massage is one of the most effective methods of relieving tension in muscles and aiding in the recovery of minor injuries. When used alongside other therapies such as physiotherapy and exercise therapy, sports massage can greatly speed recovery from injury or exercise.

Your therapist will use a variety of techniques to reduce the tension within the muscular tissue. During the massage endorphins are realised which are the body’s natural source of pain relief, endorphins also help the muscle to relax sooner. 

A sports massage can either be 30 minutes or 60 minutes. We would recommend 60 minutes if you are wanting us to work on multiple body areas.

With Response Physio, a 30-minute massage is £35 and a 60-minute massage is £60.

Massage frequency will depend on you as an individual, your injury or issue, the type of massage you require and the area you are wanting to work on. You should speak to your therapist to find out how often you should visit to address your own specific needs. In general, a massage every 2 weeks would be ideal, however, this is not realistic for every person. If regular massages aren’t in your budget, consider stretching out the time between each session.

Before your sports massage ensure you are well hydrated, massage releases toxins from your muscles, and being hydrated will help out body flush out these toxins efficiently. Take a warm shower, this will help the massage to be more effective and will reduce potential discomfort. Lastly, wear loose and comfortable clothes this will help you to feel more comfortable but will also enable the therapist to access the area to perform the massage.

A sports massage for lower back pain would initially focus on reducing the tension in the muscles of the lower back. This will aim to encourage your muscles to relax, restore flexibility, increase blood supply to them and stimulate pain-reducing hormones. Lower back pain can sometimes be related to mechanical issues in the back that aren’t solely soft tissue related, therefore sports massage may provide some short-term benefit, but it often does not resolve the issue long term.

Sports massage helps to reduce the tension within the muscles, increase blood flow and encourage the removal of toxins and waste products within the cells. This will improve your recovery from injury or exercise. Sports massage can also improve tissue elasticity resulting in improved flexibility of the muscular tissue.

Please wear comfortable clothing that is loose and doesn’t restrict movement, this will allow access to your specific injury or problem.

Both Deep tissue massage and sports massage use similar techniques of massage. Sports massage is a targeted approach that focuses on a specific area of the body that is injured or tight. Whereas, Deep tissue massage is often provided as a full body approach where the client is looking for general relief from symptoms.

Response Physio & Sports Therapy has nationwide clinics.  Simply google the nearest clinic which provides this sports massage near you. Our Newcastle clinic is located 23 Station Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1QD, UK

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