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Expert, personalised and convenient physiotherapy and sports therapy. We have two fantastic physio clinics in Nottingham to choose from.


We have two excellent physiotherapy clinics in Nottingham, one located in David Lloyd Nottingham West Bridgford health club, and one located inside the Embankment Primary Care Centre in West Bridgford. Our Chartered physiotherapists at our Nottingham clinics will work with you to restore function and reduce pain caused by your musculoskeletal illness, injury or disability.

We offer a range of sports massage and physio & sports therapy services, with personalised plans tailored to your condition. Following our initial consultation, we may suggest a series of physiotherapy sessions, sports massages, or even aqua therapy, as part of a targeted plan to get your body back on track. Our services include everything from treatment for back pain and knee injuries to joint pain conditions such as arthritis; we are experienced in dealing with musculoskeletal issues in just about every area of your body. If you are just looking for a one-off sports massage treatment, we can do that too!

If you live or work in Nottinghamshire, and have found yourself in pain from sports or MSK disorder, book an appointment with one of our physio specialists today. If you are searching for ‘physio near me’ or even ‘sports massage near me’ in Nottingham, then you have come to the right place. Visit one of our two Nottingham physio clinics to start your road to recovery.


This Nottingham physiotherapy clinic can be found inside David Lloyd Nottingham West Bridgford. The health club offers state-of-the-art facilities which we can access as part of your physio treatment, including the gym, the fitness suite, pools and specialised treatment rooms.

Our physio and sports therapy clinic is located within the building of David Lloyd Nottingham West Bridgford, to the rear of Asda Nottingham West Bridgford Supercentre, about 3 miles from the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham. This clinic offers free parking and disabled access.


This Nottingham physiotherapy clinic is located inside the Embankment Primary Care Centre in the West Bridgford area. Our clinic has the added benefit of a shared medical building, containing other healthcare providers including GPs and pharmaceuticals. We offer fast access to physio treatments with use of our comfortable multi clinic rooms. This physio and sports massage clinic boasts a team of highly-qualified physiotherapists, and is home to our clinical director and reflexologist, with the combined aim to reduce your pain and improve your wellbeing. The Embankment offers full disability access and car parking.

Our physio assessment clinic located in West Bridgford is located just outside Nottingham city centre, about 2 miles from the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham.


Useful to know:

  • All Response Physio clinics within David Lloyd Leisure Clubs, including Response Physio West Bridgford, are open to both members and non-members of the club.
  • Both of our Nottingham physiotherapy clinics have free parking and disabled access.
  • You do not need a GP referral to have physio treatment – we provide a self-pay option for private customers
  • You can use your private health insurance* – We are recognised by all major private health insurers, including AXA, BUPA, AVIVA and Nuffield.

*Check the terms and conditions of your private health insurance plan. We advise you to contact your insurer before booking an appointment.




Sport Massage






We are trained to identify and treat an array of conditions that affect the muscles, joints and soft tissues within the body. Physio for back pain and sports massage for back pain are requested most frequently, but we can help you deal with just about any condition, however big or small.

Book a physiotherapy appointment in Nottingham today if you have found yourself suffering from musculoskeletal discomfort or pain, and would like to do something about it. Our Nottingham physio and sports massage specialists will put together a personalised treatment programme for you based on your initial consultation.

Your treatment plan may include exercise or practices which are to be carried out in the fitness suite, the pool through hydrotherapy, or in our private treatment rooms with sports massage therapy.

View our full list of conditions we treat.


Our award-winning physiotherapy service is designed to treat anyone struggling with a condition, pain or discomfort which is disrupting their mobility, function or mental health. We accept self-referral customers, so you don’t need to wait on any waiting lists for NHS treatments, and we are also recognised by all major health insurers. Take a look at our clinic prices for physio and sports massage in Nottingham.

60 mins
30 mins

60 mins
30 mins

60 mins
30 mins

Block booking prices are available for both physio and sports massage. Please see physiotherapy special offers for more detail.

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Physiotherapy FAQs

A physio will aim to try and improve your level of function. This could be from an injury or a recent or ongoing pain. Physio can also be for increasing strength and activity levels where there is no pain indicated. Initially they will determine what the issue is and how they can help, usually creating some shared goals and from that will make a treatment plan. Your treatment plan may feature a mix of exercises, manual therapy (massage and mobilisations) or other therapies like acupuncture and electrotherapy. This will be reviewed and altered until your shared goals have been reached.

Physios aren’t doctors. They are medical professionals but not doctors. Doctors train in a broad spectrum of specialities in order to help with a multitude of medical issues. Physios are movement specialists and are trained to deal with physical complaints and problems with the muscular and skeletal system.

The best answer is your PE kit! You will need to wear something very practical that allows you to move easy. Thick clothing, difficult to move in clothing won’t be helpful as it will make assessment and treatment difficult.

Absolutely. Arthritis is a wear and tear condition that makes movement stiff and painful. A physio can help relieve this with treatment and help give you exercises to help keep it and bay and manage it ongoing.

This is one of the conditions a physio will commonly treat. Sciatica is essentially pain going down the leg. There can be lots of causes for the pain. A physio will determine what the cause is in their assessment and help you relieve the pain. They will look at why this happened in first place and help you to prevent this happening again in the future.

Neck pain is very common and there are lots of conditions that can give us neck pain. A physio can absolutely help with this. Relief can come from loosening the muscles or freeing the joints of stiffness in and around the neck. Better strength and support for the neck is always a really helpful part of the treatment of neck pain.

Back pain is the most common physio issue and one that we are all likely to suffer from at one time or another. Physio can help you get back on track in life with some hands on, therapeutic treatment to help reduce the pain. Physio will also establish the cause of the back pain and give you a strategy to recover from this bout of back pain but look to prevent a further recurrence in the future.

If you’re seeking an immediate appointment and are able to afford to then then you can book in at any private clinic and usually be seen within the space of a few days.

You could also self-refer through your private medical insurer, you may only be entitled to so many sessions or to pay an excess dependent on your policy.

Going through the NHS you can seek physio by either a referral from your GP or a FCP (First Contact Practitioner), this is free but waiting times can often be long and vary across the country. You may also be limited to a certain number of sessions.

Cost of sessions and the length of time of sessions can vary but usually half an hour sessions cost between £40-£60. 40, 45 and 60 minute sessions are also common but would then cost slightly more but often cost less pro-rata so end up more value for money.

If you’re in any doubt then I think it is always worth going. The least that will happen is that there is nothing to worry about but you will have that peace of mind. If physio can help with your issue then you will be getting help from a trained professional who can put you on the path to recovery.

Private physio is easily accessible and very comprehensive so you can be rest assured that your problem will be treated in a timely and thorough manner.

Sports Massage FAQs

A sports massage is a technique used by therapists with their hands to attempt to provide some short-term temporary relief from issues you may be experiencing in or around various muscle groups.  

Yes, you can exercise immediately after a sports massage. The intensity and the specifics of the exercise you wish to perform can be discussed with your therapist at your appointment. This will usually depend on the methods used in the sports massage. For example, after a lower body sports massage attempting to relieve some tightness, it is perfectly acceptable to perform some light upper body work immediately after. 

Yes it is possible to have a massage when pregnant however this is very individual and sports massages are typically not appropriate, so please get in contact before booking an appointment. It is recommended to see a pregnancy and pre-natal specialist instead. 

A sports massage may be painful for some individuals some of the time. This is dependent on a variety of factors, and methods can be varied to suit. 

Sports massage does not improve performance. It may however provide some short-term temporary relief for issues that you feel may be inhibiting performance, and could form part of a comprehensive rest and recovery plan if necessary. 

In the majority of cases, sports massage will not be used alone for the treatment of injuries. A comprehensive rehab plan will be in place and will provide long-term positive benefits. Sports massage may provide a short window of reduced discomfort for a variety of reasons that may allow an exercise plan to be started earlier than if sports massage was not used. 

It is unknown how sports massage reduces pain and stress in certain individuals, there is a large amount of conflicting evidence. Some benefits that people experience may be from pre-conceived ideas, placebo, the nature of touch, and even just having a good chat with a therapist that you get along with. These are often more important and influential towards client outcomes than any physiological changes that may occur.  

The length of a sports massage depends on the individual. They are typically between 30-60 minute appointment times that include a chat at the beginning that will dictate how the remainder of the session will run. 

The cost of a sports massage varies a huge amount. At Response, prices start from £35. 

There is no one size fits all approach for how often you should get a sports massage. They should be dictated by how you feel. For example, you may want one or two if you are nearing the end of a tough block of training to provide some temporary relief, or if you are feeling discomfort and the usual recovery methods have not been working. We offer block booking packages for clients that feel they need them however we recommend that you get in contact to discuss if this is necessary. 

There is no preparation needed for a sports massage. Simply continue with your normal daily routine beforehand and make sure you are fuelled and hydrated as usual. 

Sports massage may be beneficial for some individuals some of the time with low back pain. This is very individual and we highly recommend you book a normal appointment first. 

Benefits of a sports massage include reduced perceived muscle tightness, reduced stress, reduced discomfort and sometimes a reduction in pain along with other factors. These may be from pre-conceived ideas, placebo, the nature of touch, and even just having a good chat with a therapist that you get along with. These are often more important and influential towards client outcomes than any physiological changes that may occur.  

When attending any appointment please wear either sports clothing or clothing that you are willing to remove if necessary. 

There is minimal difference between deep tissue and sports massage. They are often interchangeable terms that deliver a very similar service despite what some suggest. Deep tissue is sometimes referred to as being for multiple areas of the body but we can offer that in our 1-hour sports massage appointments. 

We have two fantastic physio clinics in Nottingham to choose from, one located in David Lloyd Nottingham West Bridgford health club, and one located inside the Embankment Primary Care Centre in West Bridgford. It’s easy to book an appointment online or call 0330 024 1377.

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