Physio Treatment

Assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) at an on-site clinic at your place of work or virtually

What are the benefits of our
corporate wellbeing services

Our flexible services and digital capabilities keep your employees moving, your business functioning, and in good health. By reducing the risk of work-related MSK issues, addressing disorders sooner and helping employees resume full duties quicker through easy access to effective treatment, your business remains healthy.

We employ the majority of our clinicians which means we they fully support your business goals and all your MSK support is delivered as a complete solution, by a single provider. That means greater efficiency, more effective treatment and better results.

We can help you build a corporate wellbeing service aimed at both improving employee health and wellbeing and reducing the financial impact on the business associated with absence and reduced productivity.

Reduce sickness absence and presentism

Improve performance and productivity

Improve employee engagement

Strengthen team morale and communications

Promote a positive health and safety culture


On-site Treatment

Our expert physiotherapists will deliver on-site specialist assessment and treatment services from your place of work. This ease of access to treatment for employees will mean less take time out of work to travel to and from appointments and avoiding NHS waiting times will also mean employees are more likely to seek treatment, access it sooner, recover quicker.

On-site physiotherapy services can be combined with either our on-site prevention or instant access service.  

Each session lasts 30 minutes. Treatment may involve hands-on physiotherapy or massage to help relieve symptoms and restore lost movement. A personalised programme of specific exercises will be prescribed by the physiotherapist.

The condition is re-assessed during subsequent sessions, progress is monitored, and treatment is altered as necessary to ensure continuous improvement. 

In addition to our treatment services, we can provide management information reporting and bespoke MSK health surveys: Employee engagement, Absence, MSK injury and issues by body part and recovery periods.

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Virtual Treatment

Our virtual physiotherapy treatment is revolutionising employee wellbeing and occupational health – making early intervention possible for employees and reduce absenteeism in the workplace. This service allows the employee’s flexibility to pre-book an appointment between Mon to Fri from 8 am to 8 pm and can be combined with on-site treatment.

Movement assessment, self-help, education & exercises will be given under the guidance of a physiotherapist in the same way as on-site clinic appointments but via telephone or video.

Virtual physio consultations are available for 30 minutes.  We use one of the leading exercise software programs to give a personalised, tailored and home-based exercise program to help relieve pain and help you get back to normal activities and a full range of movement.

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