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Our Kings Hill Physiotherapy clinic offers effective physio and sports massage treatments to individuals seeking relief from pain and discomfort in their muscles, joints, or soft tissues in Kings Hill near West Malling.

Whether you are experiencing painful consequences from a recent injury or have been suffering from an ongoing medical condition, our specialists can assess, diagnose and treat your pain at its cause. Following the outcome of your initial consultation, we will discuss with you our recommendations for the best route to your recovery. This may involve a combination of treatments such as targeted physiotherapy exercises, manual physiotherapy, sports massage, dry needling sessions, hydrotherapy and biomechanical correction at our Kent clinic. Our Chartered physiotherapists will design your rehabilitation plan around you, taking all aspects of your health and wellbeing into account so that we progress at a pace that is comfortable for you. Our services span everything from treatment for back pain and neck pain due to poor posture to relief from medical conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS) and sciatica. We are experienced in dealing with mild to severe musculoskeletal injury and illness, for just about every area of the musculoskeletal system. In the rare event that physio is not right for you, we will help you to determine the appropriate next steps and guide you in the right direction.

Our Kent physiotherapy clinic in Kings Hill services those living or working in Kings Hill, West Malling, and nearby locations such as Maidstone and Tonbridge. Our Kings Hill physio clinic is one of two Response Physio locations in Kent, the other being our Dartford clinic. If you are suffering from a painful or uncomfortable condition that you need help with as soon as possible, book an appointment online today; our system allows you to book an appointment within minutes!

Response Physio & Sports Therapy
At David Lloyd Kings Hill

Our Kent physio clinic can be found inside David Lloyd Kings Hill health and fitness club, located just a short walk from the town centre. Our high-class destination allows us to provide the best rehabilitation treatment for every condition, with use of well-equipped treatment rooms, fitness suites and gym facilities, as well as access to the swimming pools. There is also free on-site parking and disabled access at the clinic.

Kings Hill is a fairly new, modern concept village lying between West Malling, Leybourne, Mereworth, Maidstone and Offham in the borough of Tonbridge & Malling. If you are searching for a ‘sports massage near me’ or ‘acupuncture near me’ in any of those areas, then you have come to the right place!

Useful to know:

  • All Response Physio clinics within David Lloyd Leisure Clubs, including Response Physio Kings Hill, are open to both members and non-members of the club
  • You do not need a GP referral to book sports or musculoskeletal physiotherapy appointments with us – we provide a self-pay option
  • We are recognised by all major private health insurers, including AXA, BUPA, AVIVA and Nuffield, so you can use your private health insurance*

*Please see the terms and conditions of your health insurance plan before you book an appointment just to make sure you are covered.










We effectively treat musculoskeletal disorders, pain and injury through hands-on treatment, rehabilitation, exercises and advice. Our body recovery experts work with you to develop the most appropriate course of action for your condition, which may involve the use of David Lloyd Kings Hill facilities that are accessible during your appointments.

The increase in homeworkers during the pandemic has led to more people seeking help with upper and lower back pain. If you are looking for physio for back pain or any other area of your body due to poor ergonomic home practices or would like a sports massage to treat your tense or aching muscles, we can help

The range of conditions we treat with physiotherapy include…


We know how much a painful condition can affect your mental health, as well as disrupt your daily activities. If you are suffering with an injury, condition or illness affecting your joints, muscles or soft tissues, then our high-quality, customer-focused physiotherapy service is the perfect solution for you. No need to wait in the lengthy backlog of NHS referrals, we offer self-referral and self-pay options for all patients who request it. We are also recognised by all major health insurers if you are hoping to use your private health insurance towards the cost (just check with them first!). Visit our specialist physiotherapy Kent clinic today or see our other nationwide clinic locations.

60 mins
30 mins

60 mins
30 mins

60 mins
30 mins

Block booking prices are available for both physio and sports massage. Please see physiotherapy special offers for more detail.

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Physiotherapy aims to: improve pain and functioning; provide education, empathy and reassurance where possible; and aims to prevent the recurrence of injuries in the future.

Physiotherapy uses a patient-centred and holistic approach, considering an individual’s physical, mental and social functioning and the activity and participation in life, for example, anything from self-care activities of daily living to elite sports.

A Physiotherapist promotes health and well-being, utilising skills such as observation, listening, and physical assessment. This may be to help an individual in their recovery from an injury or to enhance their functioning and movement in also preventing injury and/or improving performance in sport. A Physiotherapist may provide care via means of listening, advice and education, exercises, and manual therapy.

The scope of practice of a Doctor is different to that of a Physiotherapist, although there is overlap in some areas of practice. Some Physiotherapists may have additional training which makes them an Extended Scope Physiotherapist, who may be trained in skills such as Ultrasound scanning in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions and Ultrasound Guided Injections.

Depending on the reason for attending Physiotherapy, it is generally advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing to ensure that you can move. For example, if you have a knee issue, then shorts are advised with tracksuit bottoms over the top if it is cold. You may be asked if you are happy to remove clothing for the relevant area/s of the body to be assessed, however, this is only if you are comfortable doing so.

Physio appointments are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Yes. A Physio can provide advice and education and an exercise programme to help manage arthritis and its associated symptoms or help to prevent arthritis in the future. This is holistically tailored to you as an individual, with personalised goals relating to anything from day-to-day activities of daily living to participation in sports. This can be during many stages of life and activity levels. For example, there can be a higher risk of developing arthritis in elite athletes in later life.

Yes. Sciatica is a general term for leg pain associated with the sciatic nerve. From person to person, this can have different causes including the lower back, and contributing factors. The movements of the individual will likely be altered as a result of the pain. Physiotherapy can explore manual therapy to help relieve the symptoms, exercise to improve pain and functioning in the long term, and consider other health and well-being factors that will help you in your recovery, such as sleep.

Yes. Physiotherapy can explore manual therapy to help relieve the symptoms, exercise to improve pain and functioning in the long term, and consider other health and well-being factors that will help you in your recovery, such as sleep.

Yes. Physiotherapy can explore manual therapy to help relieve the symptoms, exercise to improve pain and functioning in the long term, and consider other health and well-being factors that will help you in your recovery, such as sleep.

You can either call 0330 024 1377, email or book online via our website Alternatively, if you see one of our clinicians at your David Lloyd Club and they are available, they may be able to help you book in.

Alternatively, you can book via insurance.

A 30-minute Physio appointment costs £50 and a 60-minute Physio appointment costs £75.

If you are a student (anyone in full-time education), work for the Emergency Services (Fire, Police and Ambulance), or are an NHS employee or David Lloyd employee, then there is 10% off the price of these appointments.

If you pay for four 30-minute Physio appointments in advance, this costs £170.

Physio appointments are also available via some insurance companies. The excess payment for this varies and is best discussed with your insurance company.

Private Physiotherapy may provide an appointment sooner, more frequently and more flexibility in appointment times than Physiotherapy via the Public sector. A private Physiotherapist may be more likely to consider hands-on treatments such as massage alongside other exercise-based treatments which are also provided within Public Physiotherapy.

KINGS HILL Sports Massage FAQ'S

Yes, you can exercise after a sports massage. However, try and avoid any heavy workouts straight after a deep tissue sports massage.

You can have a massage when pregnant however any deep-tissue massage should be avoided.

A sports massage should not be extremely painful. It may feel slightly uncomfortable when working into deeper tissues but this pain shoulder not be continuous and should ease off after the therapist has eased off the pressure.

A sports massage can aid recovery from sports. Sports massage can also help aid more natural movement around a certain joint. This can in turn help aid more efficient movement when performing a sport.

Sports massage can complement other treatment modalities like a home exercise stretching and strengthening plan. The massage will help to release tension in the muscle which can help get more benefit from stretches as you may not have been able to stretch in that range without releasing any tension in the muscle.

Sports massage can help to reduce the tension felt in muscles. This can in turn have a relaxing element and help to reduce pain and stress.

Can range from 30 mins to 60 mins. If multiple areas are being treated then the session is likely to be 60 mins.

£35 for 30 mins
£60 for 60 mins

Once per week is a good time frame to address a specific injury. Once per month is a good time frame for a general sports massage.

Sports massage can be very effective for loosening up lower back muscles that may be in spasm and contributing to your lower back pain.

A sports massage aims to loosen up the soft tissues and muscles in a certain area to promote/increase the range of motion and decreases tension in the specific muscles addressed. Sports massage can also help to desensitise an area that has been feeling pain for a long time.

Ideally, loose-fitting clothes allow access to the legs, upper arms and neck. For example, shorts and a vest or T-shirt.

A deep tissue massage involves harder pressure to affect the deeper tissues in the body. A sports massage is normally used to address a specific injury or to target recovery from a sporting event/exercise. Sports massage may implement some elements of deep tissue massage depending on the injury or goal being addressed. For more acute injuries deep tissue massage may not be implemented.

You can get a sports massage or deep tissue massage at Response Physio & Sports Therapy Southampton based at: David Lloyd Southampton, Off Frogmore Lane, Southampton.

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